Year Eagle Scout Eagle Service Project
1 1977 Rick Nygren First District Merit Badge Exposition
2 1989 Scott McDonald Constructed a Foot Bridge at San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge
3 1993 Robert Barrett Constructed Counter Units and Book Shelves for LOV Newark
4 1994 Noah Bowers Speciality Bookcases for 1st Grade Classroom at Alvarado Niles Elementary School
5 1994 Jason Sage Developed a Traffic Control System for a School
6 1995 Robert Silge Installed New Feeding System for Tri-Cities Animal Shelter
7 1995 Raymond Bernal Constructed Benches for American High School
8 1996 Richard Revis Benches for King's Academy School
9 1996 Eric Jung Constructed a Portable Fence System for Ardenwood Historical Farm
10 1997 Sujit Chakravarthy Butterfly Trail at Ardenwood Historical Farm
11 1997 Erik Skoglund Constructed Book Shelves for Mission Valley Elementary School Library
12 1998 Benjamin Lo Constructed Book Shelves for Ardenwood School
13 1998 Galen Hancock Trail Signs for San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge
14 1999 Joshua Moody Constructed a Playground for New Hope Church
15 2000 Nathaniel Kirchoff Construction of Preparation Area at Ardenwood Historical Farm
16 2000 Andrew Skoglund Compiled Emergency Kits for Pleasanton Elementary School
17 2000 Jon Schelin Constructed Benches and Landscaping for Warwick Elementary School
18 2001 Ivan Kim Constructed Benches for his Church
19 2001 Gerald Bernal Constructed Fence for Walnut Crusher at Ardenwood Historical Farm
20 2001 Thomas Noble Landscaping Project for Newark Presbyterian Church
21 2001 Aidan Ali-Sullivan Constructed Butterfly Larva Habitat for Shinn Memorial Park
22 2001 Benjamin Worden Painted Storm Drain Warnings and Provided Pollution Information for Portion of Fremont Streets
23 2002 Tony Bella Constructed Duck Pond and Improved Eagle Cage at Ohlone Humane Society Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
24 2002 Mathew Goebel Painted Storm Drain Warnings and Provided Pollution Information for Portion of Fremont Streets
25 2003 Karl Lipscomb Playground for Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
26 2003 Paul Zenaty Walkway for Butterfly Garden Coyote Hills Regional Park
27 2003 Marco Echandi Painted Storm Drain Warnings and Provided Pollution Information for Portion of Fremont Streets
28 2003 Danny Florek Enclosure for Ardenwood Historical Park
29 2003 Ryan Shelton Constructed a Fence for Oakland Hills Firefighters
30 2003 Jon Wong Computer Program for Church Library
31 2004 Joel Wong Built Kitchen Sink for Ardenwood Farm
32 2005 Tom Wasson Constructed Bench and Landscaping for Holy Spirit School Entrance
33 2005 Patrick Lo Shelving for American High School Storage Shed
34 2006 Alex Takacs Constructed Dock for Tyson Lagoon
35 2006 Raj Anand Run Underground Conduit for Prince of Peace school
36 2006 Chris Howell Landscaping for Prince of Peace Preschool
37 2006 Sean Rousseau Constructed Bird Houses for Lake Elizabeth
38 2006 Kyle Erickson Landscaping Project for Counseling Center
39 2006 Wayne Hsu Constructed and Installed Signs along Regional Park Trail
40 2006 Kenneth Tsang Refurbishment and Upgrade of Used Computers for American High School and Reduction of Hazardous Clutter in School Lab
41 2006 Keith Tsang Design and Construction of Benches for a Memorial at American High School with Landscaping
42 2007 Mark Noble Construction of a Storage Locker for First Presbyterian Church in Newark
43 2007 Sean Young Construct a Storage Shed for Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge
44 2007 Christopher Dutton Construction of an Arbor Entrance for Dyer's Garden at Ardenwood Historic Farm
45 2007 Sean Campbell Landscaping for Dyer's Garden at Ardenwood Farm
46 2008 Phillip Tran Created an Observation Platform at Tyson Lagoon
47 2008 David Carrera Built Puppet Stage for Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge
48 2009 Leo Kao Built Bird Boxes for Barn, Cliff and Mud Swallows at Tyson Lagoon
49 2009 Shaler Campbell Built Planter Boxes and Planted Flowering Vines for Ardenwood Historic Farms
50 2009 Jarod Fluke Built Irrigation System for School Garden
51 2009 Brendan Gallagher Built Compost Bins for Ardenwood Historic Farms
52 2009 Ben Rich Built Bookshelves for Vallejo Mill Elementary School
53 2009 Jay Breitzman Created a Trail at Tyson Lagoon
54 2010 Will Rich Dug Drainage Channel at Tyson Lagoon
55 2010 Venkataram Apparao Built Water Filtration Model at Tyson Lagoon
56 2010 Eric Hsu Planted Jasmine and Constructed Irrigation at Tyson Lagoon
57 2010 Andy Tran Trail Building at Tyson's Lagoon
58 2010 Abhishikth Nandam Trail Building at Tyson's Lagoon
59 2011 Kevin Stammerjohn Construct Rose Garden for Holy Spirit Catholic Church
60 2011 Darien Young Construct Saftey Railing for Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge
61 2011 Ashwin Ganti Shelving for Emergency Supplies, Storage,Container - Forest Park Elementary School
62 2011 Alex Young Composite Box System - Community Garden for Local Ecology and Agricultural Fremont (LEAF)
63 2012 Brett Breitzmann Lighted Name Sign and Trail. Tule Ponds - Fremont BART parking lot side
64 2012 Alex Rich Office Trailer - LEAF.
65 2012 Michael Dutton Compost Bin - Community Garden. Church on Mission Blvd, Fremont
66 2012 Sahil Chugani Play box and Bench - Union city library
67 2012 Bharath Gunasekaran Barn Owl Nesting Boxes - Masonic Homes, Union City
68 2012 Vasu Apparo Dinosaur footprints. Children's Museum
69 2013 Ruvan Jayaweera Acacia tree removal, replanted with native saplings Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge
70 2015 Akhil Ganti Restoration of nature trail at Tule Ponds, Fremont
71 2015 Justin Peck Cement play area renovation for First Presbyterian Church, Newark
72 2015 Akhil Dua San Andreas Park Restoration Water Champion award from the Silicon Valley Water Conservation Awards Coalition
73 2015 Ishan Gupta Replaced existing trees with drought tolerant plants/shrubs and drip irrigation - Union City
74 2016 Nicholas Lien Picnic bench construction at California Nursery - Fremont
75 2016 Vishal Vaddahi Trail restoration and construction at Tule Ponds - Fremont
76 2016 Kathir Ilango Retaining wall construction at Tule Ponds - Fremont
77 2016 Yash Verma Drought resistant garden and irrigation construction at Holy Spirit Church - Fremont